// Waggle Labs’ Project History

The mission of Waggle Labs is to create interactive social and new media experiences. This can take on many forms, including social networking technologies, art projects, and events.   Some of these projects occured in the context of our social media R&D consulting.

A brief summary of projects is below.

MyTwee (2008-current):  MyTwee is an online, interactive painting and lightweight social game that encourages  people to make the world a greener place through their tweets.  MyTwee is a work in progress.  Try MyTwee at http://mytwee.com.

Steve the Robot H.E.Ai.D. (2009):  In collaboration with friends and fellow geeks, we built a large scale, interactive laser and generative sound device.  This project has been installed at a few places now, including Burning Man 2009.  A version called “Storm in the H.E.Ai.D.” will be at Vermillion Gallery and Wine Bar in January 2010.

Pathable (2007-2008): Pathable creates on-line communities for conferences and events. Attendees complete short profiles, including a photo and interests, and then usvisualpeoplebrowsere the system’s recommendations and forums to meet and start conversations. Pathable was initiated as a part of Waggle Labs in collaboration with founders Peter Brown and Jordan Schwartz, then spun out as its own company.

CoColla ge (2008): CoCollage is a digital community collage for cafés and other shared places, designed to help cafe owners build community in their cafes. It includes a large community display in the coffee shop and an online component for media sharing and conversation. CoCollage was completed in collaboration with Joe cocollageMcCarthy and the Seattle Strands innovation team.

Facebook Analysis (2008): For a O’Reilly Radar report, we performed an in depth, large scale analysis of the Facebook application ecosystem to examine social goals met by facebook applications, and why some thrived while others did not.

Teen Panel (2008).  We worked with faculty from Seattle Academy of Arts and Sciences to have students complete a “Powerpoint Diary”, documenting their use of technology over the course of the week. Five students were selected to present the results of their diary to senior Microsoft executives, and later at the Microsoft Research Social Computing Symposium.

Trusera (2006, 2007): Trusera is a health networking startup focused on helping people with help issues find each other and give each other support. We consulted with Trusera at the very early phases of their product development to help them incorporate theory, research and best practices into the design of their system, and then assisted them in creating their initial prototypes.

Zillow (2006): Zillow is an online site that provides valuation of real estate. We worked with members of different teams of Zillow to consider theory and best practices that should influence the design of their social systems, and how to leverage their existing social data.realityallstarz

RealityAllStarz (2006): RealityAllStarz is an online social networking game, where people play the game of life and get points for their accomplishments. People challenge each other to accomplish life adventures, post proof of having completed challenges, and then earn points from their friends’ votes. This project was completed in collaboration with Peter Brown as a part of Waggle Labs.

For a continuing history of projects completed by Shelly Farnham or Peter Brown before starting Waggle Labs, please view Shelly’s work project history or art portfolio or Peter’s resume.

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