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Communities and Technologies 2009

I gave a talk at Communities and Technologies 2009 on June 25.  Just got around to getting my slides online, Pathable:  Leveraging Social Software for Social Networking and Community Development at Events.  Here’s the abstract of the paper described in the talk: Professional networking is a primary goal of people attending conferences and events. Over the past year we developed a social networking and community tool for events, Pathable, to help attendees meet the right people. Pathable provides an online directory of profiles, communication tools, and a recommendation system optimized to help people meet based on commonalities. We performed a [...]

BarCamp study results are IN!

So here’s the question: if everyone can get all the information they need online with the proliferation of blogs, Wikipedia, online books, etc., why do they still go to conferences? Based on our study results of BarCamp Seattle (only just now posted on resources.pathable.com), here’s my answer in seven words: professional friends and a feeling of community. Cheesy, I know. You don’t tend to think friendships and sense of community really matter in a collegial, professional context, but you know what? They really do. Here’s the longer story: We created Pathable because, in our own experience, meeting people at conferences [...]

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