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Pics from Frayed Wire

Frayed Wire went great!  I had so much fun, even though I was running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off (I was producing the event…).  It’s an amazing experience, to be in a room FULL of technologists who are also artists and vice versa. I posted some frayed wire pictures on flickr here. Introductory slides for Frayed Wire are here, provides some background on who was there and our goals:     We had a *great* set of speakers and workshops, and people had a lot of fun making stuff out of the items from Junque Exchange in the open [...]

Look Ma, I made a Theremin at Dorkbot Kit Night!

This Wednesday we had a “kit night” at our Dorkbot meeting. Everyone pitched in 30 bucks and you could chose to make a solar powered theremin, a tv be gone, or a little spinning robot (BEAM). Josh Kopel gave us all a lesson in using a soldering iron, and then we were off! Kit night sold out with 40 kit makers, and we used some of the money to buy and donate soldering tools to 911 Media Arts Center. I made a theremin! And, I was amazed when it actually worked as I held it under the light. The most [...]

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