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Events at the intersection of technology, social computing, social media, and creativity.  List based on most attended by similar people in Pathable.

Type Tier nick Full name Company Event Date (Near past or Future) Location Web site Keyw Description Cost Invitation? Size
Tech 2.00 FOWA Future of Web Apps Carson Systems October London, United Kingdom http://futureofwebapps.com/ web Future of web applications 515.00 open 1000
Tech 1.00 FooCamp Foo Camp O\’Reilly June ??, California http://wiki.oreillynet.com/foocamp07/ technology Friends Of O\’Reilly (aka Foo), people who\’re doing interesting works in fields such as web services, data visualization and search, open source programming, computer security, hardware hacking, GPS, alternative energy, and all manner of emerging technologies to share their works-in-progress, show off the latest tech toys and hardware hacks, and tackle challenging problems together. 0.00 invite only 250
Creative 2.00 Burning Man Burning Man Burning Man August Black Rock City, Nevada http://www.burningman.com/ creatives, art art festival, experimental community 200.00 open 45000
Social 2.00 Thingamajiggr Thingamajiggr Waggle Labs/O\’Reilly October Seattle, WA http://thingamajiggr.com/ startup, creatives seattle startup community 200.00 open 15
Tech 2.00 OSCON Open Source Convention O\’Reilly July Portland, OR http://conferences.oreillynet.com/os2007/ open source open source developers, gurus, experts, and users   open 2500
Tech 2.00 web 2.0 Web 2.0 Summit CMP, O\’Reilly October San Francisco, CA http://www.web2summit.com/ web 2.0 Where are the greatest opportunities, and the greatest risks? At the Web\’s edge—the places where the Web is just beginning to take root: the industries, geographies, and applications that have yet to be conquered by the Web\’s wide reach.      
Social 2.00 Ignite Ignite Seattle O\’Reilly Radar every 3 months Seattle, WA http://igniteseattle.com/ geek Ignite is a series of geek nights in Seattle, lightning round talks 0.00 open 350
Creative 3.00 Maker Faire Maker Faire Austin Make Magazine (O\’Reilly) October Austin, Texas http://www.makerfaire.com/ makers makers: do it yourself art, craft, engineering, science   open  
Tech 3.00 sxsw South by Southwest Interactive Festival SXSW March Austin, Texas http://sxsw.com/ creatives, entrepreneurs Attracting digital creatives as well as visionary technology entrepreneurs, the event celebrates the best minds and the brightest personalities of emerging technology. 350.00 open 2000
Tech 3.00 Seattle Mind Camp Seattle Mind Camp Gear Live Jan Seattle, WA http://mindcamp.gearlive.com/ entrepreneurs Seattle Mind Camp is a self-organizing, digitally minded, entrepreneur-driven, overnight Seattle confab. 30.00 open 200
Creative 2.00 Dorkbot Dorkbot dorkbot monthly meetings all over http://www.dorkbot.org/ art people doing strange things with electricity 0.00 open 100
Tech 2.00 Web 2.0 Expo web 2.0 Expo CMP, O\’Reilly April   http://www.web2expo.com/ web 2.0 is a conference and tradeshow for the rapidly growing ranks of designers and developers, product managers, entrepreneurs, VCs, marketers, and business strategists who are embracing the opportunities created by Web 2.0 technologies   open  
    dconstruct d.construct Clearleft Sept Brighton, UK http://2007.dconstruct.org/ design dConstruct is an affordable, one-day conference aimed at those designing and building the latest generation of web-based applications. 178.00 open  
    @media @Media Vivabit May San Francisco http://www.vivabit.com/atmedia2007/ design The @media conference has a reputation for being one of the world\’s foremost events for web designers. With a focus on best practices and the cutting-edge, @media is an educational, content-rich, sociable special event for tuned-in, enthusiastic web professionals. 895.00 open  
    BarCamp BarCamp ad-hoc many, over many cities all over http://barcamp.org/ open unconference, open source, web international network of user generated conferences — open, participatory workshop-events, whose content is provided by participants — often focusing on early-stage web applications, and related open source technologies, social protocols, and open data formats. 0.00 open  
Mix 0.00 ted TED TED conferences Feb Monterey http://www.ted.com/ technology, entertainment, design TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design. It started out (in 1984) as a conference bringing together people from those three worlds. Since then its scope has become ever broader. 6000.00 invite only 1000
Tech 2.00 fowd Future of Web Design Carson Systems Nov New York http://www.futureofwebdesign.com/index.html web design future of web design, inspiration, advice, best practices 195.00 open  
Academic 2.00 CHI CHI ACM April Florence, Italy http://www.chi2008.org/index.html user research, design, technology, academic CHI (computer human interaction) 2008 focuses on the balance between art and science, design and research, practical motivation and the process that leads the way to innovative excellence. 950.00 open 2000
Tech 3.00 opencoffee Open Coffee Club   many, over many cities startups http://www.opencoffeeclub.org/ entrepreneurs, developers, investors The OpenCoffee Club was started to encourage entrepreneurs, developers and investors to organise real-world informal meetups to chat, network and grow.   open  
Tech 1.00 scifoo Science Foo Camp Nature, O\’Reilly, Google Aug  Googleplex, Mountain View, California http://www.nature.com/nature/meetings/scifoo/index.html scientists, technologists, writers About 200 leading scientists, technologists, writers and other thought-leaders will be gathering for a weekend of discussion, demonstration and debate. 0.00 Invite Only 200
Tech 2.00 railsconf RAILSCONF O\’Reilly May Portland, OR http://en.oreilly.com/rails2008/public/content/home rails, developer RailsConf is *the* official event for the growing Rails community.   open  
Tech 2.00 Where 2.0 Where 2.0 O\’Reilly May San Jose, California http://conferences.oreillynet.com/where2007/ location, web 2.0 Now in its third year, the Where 2.0 Conference is where the grassroots and leading edge developers building location aware technology intersect with the businesses and entrepreneurs seeking out location apps, platforms, and hardware to gain a competitive edge.   open  
Tech 2.00 d All Things Digital Wall Street Journal May Carlsbad, CA http://allthingsd.com/d leaders the energy and excitement of the digital revolution in an unscripted, upfront and unparalleled way: movers and shakers who are at the forefront of the digital revolution   open  
Tech 2.00 fom Future of Mobile Carson Systems Nov Waterloo, London http://www.future-of-mobile.com/ mobile future of mobile, mobile web, browsers, devices, standards, UI 195.00 open  
Tech 2.00 etel Emerging Telephony Conference O\’Reilly Feb San Francisco http://conferences.oreillynet.com/etel2007/ telephony Emerging Telephony: ETel compares and contrasts web telephony technology, business, and culture, articulating how they conspire and inform consumers, creators, and purveyors.   open  
Tech 3.00 GnomeDex Gnomedex   Aug Seattle, WA http://www.gnomedex.com/2007/ bloggers The blogosphere\’s conference: This summer, hundreds of the world\’s leading bloggers, podcasters, and tech-savvy enthusiasts will once again descend upon the city of Seattle, Washington (August 9th – 11th, 2007). 200.00 open 300
    WWDC Apple World Wide Developer Connection Apple June San Francisco, WA http://developer.apple.com/wwdc/ developers Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with Apple engineers, get a firsthand look at the latest technologies, and spend a week getting the kind of inspiration you won’t find anywhere else.   open  
    le web Le Web 3   Dec Paris http://www.leweb3.com/ startups Web industry conference, startups   open 1800
    MacWorld MacWorld Conference and Expo Apple Jan   http://www.macworld.com/expo/index.php developers Macworld conference and expo   open  
    PyCon         http://www.python.org/pycon/       open  
    rubyconf         http://rubyconf.org/       open  
Academic   siggraph         http://www.siggraph.org/s2008/       open  
    game developers conference         http://www.gdconf.com/       open  
    reboot       denmark http://www.reboot.dk/index.php       open  
    toc         http://en.oreilly.com/toc2008/public/content/home       open  
Academic   ubicomp         http://www.ubicomp2007.org/       open  
    energy innovation conference         http://www.energyinnovation.com/       open  
    Maker Faire Maker Fair Bay Area Make Magazine (O\’Reilly) May   http://makerfaire.com/bayarea/2007/   makers: do it yourself art, craft, engineering, science   open  
Socialtech   communitynext         http://www.communitynext.com/     300.00 open  
    eurofoo         http://wiki.oreillynet.com/eurofoo/index.cgi       open  
    jerry\’s retreat Jerry Michalski retreat               open  
    ad:tech         http://www.ad-tech.com/       open  
    Blogher         http://blogher.org/about-blogher-conferences-events       open  
    usenix         http://usenix.net/events/usenix08/       open  
    yapc         http://www.yapc.org/       open  
    3gsm GSM Mobile World Conference       http://www.mobileworldcongress.com/homepage.htm       open  
Mix 1.00 social computing symposium         http://research.microsoft.com/workshops/SCS2007/       open  
    web 2.0 expo berlin         http://berlin.web2expo.com/       open  
Creative   ars electronica         http://www.aec.at/en/index.asp       open  
Tech   techcrunch40         http://www.techcrunch20.com/2007/index.php       open  
Academic 1.00 CSCW Computer Supported Cooperative Work       http://www.cscw2008.org/       open  
socialtech   social media                    

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