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Web 2.0 Expo Highlights and Emerging Themes

Web 2.0 Expo Highlights and Emerging Themes   I attended Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco this past week.  Brady Forrest (co-chair) invited us to have our H.E.Ai.D. installation (large scale, collaborative play space with lasers, generative sound, and a tinge of augmented reality) in the Expo.  Aside from the joy of watching Tim O’Reilly dance  in our installation, it was great to get up to date on all things Web 2.0.  Here’s my report:     Tim O’Reilly framed the event very well during his keynote speech, essentially giving a report card on the state of Web 2.0 – [...]

Better Privacy or Better Sharing?

I got a twitter (thanks @lindastone) about danah boyd’s SXSW talk on Privacy and Publicity, and read it online.  A couple of days later it was summarized by Jason Kincaid on TechCrunch: http://techcrunch.com/2010/03/13/privacy-publicity-sxsw/.    It’s a great talk, worth the read. I’ve been doing very related research recently so I have been thinking quite a bit about the topic, one thought being I don’t really like the word “privacy” and I’ll explain why. First, some background.  This problem has grown due to several recent trends in social media. Social networking systems tend to provide tools for only a unified identity, reflecting the assumption that one identity [...]

Yahoo, powerpoints, and presentations on slideshare

I’ve been finding Yahoo is a very ppt deck centric company.  People will say “send me the report” and what they really mean is “send me the slide deck”, because, well, that is the report.  I have mixed feelings about the impact the paperless office is having on how we share information.  It is certainly the case it’s a lot easier to page through a lot of powerpoint presentation pages than pdfs of written papers on the desktop screen…  The problem is that how you optimize for an actual presentation, where you are in the room talking about the slides, and how you optimize for a powerpoint [...]

Communities and Technologies 2009

I gave a talk at Communities and Technologies 2009 on June 25.  Just got around to getting my slides online, Pathable:  Leveraging Social Software for Social Networking and Community Development at Events.  Here’s the abstract of the paper described in the talk: Professional networking is a primary goal of people attending conferences and events. Over the past year we developed a social networking and community tool for events, Pathable, to help attendees meet the right people. Pathable provides an online directory of profiles, communication tools, and a recommendation system optimized to help people meet based on commonalities. We performed a [...]

My O’Reilly Research Paper Got Published

My O’Reilly Facebook Research Report Published! Posted by shelly on March 12, 2008

Facebook Events

Facebook Events Posted by shelly on December 11, 2007

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