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Art and Technology Incubation — It’s all in the Conversation!

I’m doing a little volunteer research/community project for GAFFTA — I do love those art/tech non-profits! — so I was reviewing a report we did more than a year ago when I was still the Dorkbot overlord in Seattle.  We did this research in collaboration with Genevieve Tremblay (Cultural Entrepreneurs) for BRINC — Bell Red Incubator — to inform the BRINC development project and other local arts/tech/cultural development initiatives.  You can download the full report, but here’s the summary: In an online questionnaire study of 120 technology creatives in the Northwest: “We found that the targeted community of technology creatives [...]

Announcing MyTwee!

We are happy to announce the release of our latest project MyTwee!  My Twee is a living, breathing, interactive painting of your Twitterverse. Try it at http://mytwee.com. You’ll need a Twitter account. Here’s mine: What is MyTwee? My Twee is a living, breathing, interactive painting of your Twitterverse.  This project started as a visualization for a Dorkbot art show last year.   It’s since evolved into an online, flash-based interactive art piece with a few gaming mechanics thrown in and a (not so) secret mission to encourage people to be more green! It’s a Painting of your Twitterverse: Your “Twee” is [...]

Pics from Frayed Wire

Frayed Wire went great!  I had so much fun, even though I was running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off (I was producing the event…).  It’s an amazing experience, to be in a room FULL of technologists who are also artists and vice versa. I posted some frayed wire pictures on flickr here. Introductory slides for Frayed Wire are here, provides some background on who was there and our goals:     We had a *great* set of speakers and workshops, and people had a lot of fun making stuff out of the items from Junque Exchange in the open [...]

Frayed Wire, July 11th

Yay! Today I sent around emails to interested parties announcing our “Frayed Wire” event this summer. I’ve been wanting to organize this event for a while, but all the stars aligned to have it this summer. It’s a one day event bringing together people at the intersection of art and technology, with the goal of inspiring, educating and building community through presentations, workshops, and discussions. We (in this case I mean Dorkbot Seattle) are collaborating with 911 Media Arts Center and Youngstown to make it happen. I think the Northwest is ready to push to the next phase of community [...]

Look Ma, I made a Theremin at Dorkbot Kit Night!

This Wednesday we had a “kit night” at our Dorkbot meeting. Everyone pitched in 30 bucks and you could chose to make a solar powered theremin, a tv be gone, or a little spinning robot (BEAM). Josh Kopel gave us all a lesson in using a soldering iron, and then we were off! Kit night sold out with 40 kit makers, and we used some of the money to buy and donate soldering tools to 911 Media Arts Center. I made a theremin! And, I was amazed when it actually worked as I held it under the light. The most [...]

Conversation on my Garage Door: From Barbarella to Obama

My garage door has become a hotbed of attention lately. A few years ago I had a tagging problem because my house is on on such a busy street. The city was sending me threatening letters (deal with graffiti or pay heavy fine) so I painted a Barbarella image on my garage door. I thought, surely even graffiti artists won’t paint over someone else’s art…my impression is street artists do have their own ethic… Aside from a few, small tags I could easily paint over, the garage was safe for a couple of years. Then a few weeks ago someone [...]

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