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Waggle Labs is the personal web site and blog of Shelly Farnham and Peter Brown, focusing on social technologies and interactive new media projects.  We believe the online world is our playground in our ongoing mission to experiment with social technology, community, and technological art.

headshotmediumThis web site is devoted to our ruminations on whatever technology topics excite us, and descriptions of our progress in our various projects.  To learn more please check out our recent projects, or contact us directly.

More about Shelly:

My career as a technologist is strongly interwoven with my interests as an artist and my passion for community organizing.  I have a B.A. majoring in Psychology and Fine Arts, and a Ph.D. in Social Psychology.  In my career as an industry researcher (through Microsoft Research, startup consulting, and Yahoo!) I specialize in social technologies — helping people connect to each other through technology.  While working on innovation teams  in the past ten years, my artwork has evolved into large scale, collaborative installations, many of which incorporate interactive technology and social media.  As a community organizer I have orchestrated many fundraising events and organized large scale art projects, and in the past several years I have served on the board or organizing committee of several not-for-profit arts organizations.

Much of my ”work” as a researcher and in art reflects my fascination with the transforming nature of technology, as we move into a future with increasingly technology-mediated social dynamics.  Technology is the new magic, and has fundamentally changed how we relate to each other and the world.

See my resume for my work history, or my full curriculum vitae for statement of research interests, papers and patents.  See my bio and project history for more technology prototyping projects, and  see http://shellyfarnham.com for my art portfolio.

More about Peter:

peterheadsmallI have over 10 years of experience passionately working on all aspects of innovative Internet technology in the startup world, from concept to rapid prototyping, architecture to development, deployment to operations, and branding to promotion.  I studied Computer Science at the University of Washington and at Tohoku University in Japan.  My first company, Messenger9, sold to WideMile and, after a year spent traveling, I joined SuperOyster as Director of Web Development before co-founding Pathable, where I am currenting the CTO.  In the past few years, my fascination with innovation in technology has led me down the road of pursuing new projects somewhere at the intersection of art and technology, including our most recent venture, Steve the Robot H.E.Ai.D., a large scale interactive laser and generative sound device.  In addition to the Waggle Labs blog, I recommend you follow my blog of big ideas at http://yeahtotally.org.

email peter at peter at waggle labs dot com

twitter:  http://twitter.com/flippyhead

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