The "Queue" is a wonderful new iPhone App that allows you to receive instant feedback from everyone at the CLUB. It's Free. Encourage everyone to download "Queue-In" from the App Store.

If you are a DJ or in charge of live music song selection, the "Queue" allows everyone in the CLUB to participate in the SONG SELECTION by voting for their song favorites. LIVE DYNAMIC FEEDBACK!

Increase Your Following by catering to your audience.

How It Works? The Crowd

  • Encourage Everyone to DOWNLOAD "Queue-in"
  • The DJ asks everyone in the CLUB to "Qn" their Favorite Songs!
  • The "QUEUE" allows the CROWD to select the CLUB based on their physical location
  • Once the CLUB is selected, they "Qn" or VOTE THEIR FAVORITE SONGS based on the TOP 100 Songs!

How It Works? The DJ

  • After the "Qn" period is over, just click on the TOP RATED SONGS - the Queue List!
  • The DJ and Club Members are INSTANTLY presented with a prioritized list based on the CLUB MEMBERS votes!
  • It's That Simple!

DJ's Register to be on the CLUB OWNERS QUEUE!

CLUB OWNERS Register to access the DJ's QUEUE!

Go to App Store and Download It