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Announcing MyTwee!

We are happy to announce the release of our latest project MyTwee!  My Twee is a living, breathing, interactive painting of your Twitterverse.

Try it at http://mytwee.com. You’ll need a Twitter account.

Here’s mine:

What is MyTwee?
My Twee is a living, breathing, interactive painting of your Twitterverse.  This project started as a visualization for a Dorkbot art show last year.   It’s since evolved into an online, flash-based interactive art piece with a few gaming mechanics thrown in and a (not so) secret mission to encourage people to be more green!

It’s a Painting of your Twitterverse:
Your “Twee” is generated based on activity in your Twitterverse, including your own messages and the messages of the people you follow.  Grow your Twee by nurturing activity in your Twitterverse.  The more activity, the more leaves, plants, clouds, flowers, fruit and little forest critters you’ll see. Mouse over individual items or click on the “Guide” button to learn what they represent.  Check out what Barack Obama (@barackobama) or Tim O’Reilly (@timoreilly) look like!

It’s a Lightweight Game:
Based on green things you say and do using Twitter, you can earn “Green Scout Badges”.   All you have to do is talk about it through your tweets. This way, not only do you earn your badges, all your friends get to hear about the cool green things you are doing.

Print, Post, or Share!
Help us spread the Twee forest around the world! You can download a picture of your Twee, embed a live Flash animation in your blog, or print a poster.

Got ideas for badges, or other ways to improve the experience? Email us at mytwee@wagglelabs.com.  You can also go to our MyTwee Facebook page to add comments or upload a picture of your Twee for others to see.


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