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Yahoo, powerpoints, and presentations on slideshare

I’ve been finding Yahoo is a very ppt deck centric company.  People will say “send me the report” and what they really mean is “send me the slide deck”, because, well, that is the report.  I have mixed feelings about the impact the paperless office is having on how we share information.  It is certainly the case it’s a lot easier to page through a lot of powerpoint presentation pages than pdfs of written papers on the desktop screen…  The problem is that how you optimize for an actual presentation, where you are in the room talking about the slides, and how you optimize for a powerpoint “report”, are very different!  As a person who shares knowledge, I’d really rather either be in the room with you, or have you read the paper.

In any event, I’ve been getting some requests for copies of presentations, so as long as I was mucking around in all my directories looking at old powerpoints I threw a few up on slideshare, from talks I’ve given externally.

Psychology of Social Media:  Implications for Design

An overview of a social psychological approach to the design of social technologies, with design principles and a brief review of how I applied these principles to several R&D projects in the past few years.  This presentation was given to the Seattle chapter of IxDA and at Frog Design in October/November 2009.

Online Community Matters

Ten minute presentation discussing to role of community attachment in building loyalty to “host” of online communities.  Presented at the International Association of Business Communicaters, 2009.

Social Networking and Partnering for Startups

So you are new to the startup world, well here are some tips for networking with the startup community.  This presentation was given at Seattle 2.0′s StartupDay, 2009.

Designing for (Local) Community

A review of literature and technology to provide guidelines for designing online communities with an emphasis on local communities and neighborhoods.

Observation of Katrina/Rita Groove Deployment:  Addressing Social and Communication Challenges of Ephemeral Groups

In disaster environments, relief workers have a have strong need for ad ho communication and coordination, but are in an extremely challenged communication environment.  This presentation summarizes findings of a study of a peer-to-peer communication technology (Groove) used by relief workers following Katrina, and based on results makes design recommendations.  Presented at ISCRAM 06.  A few years old now, but this project had a big impact on my thinking about community tools.


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